The game of the name

June 11, 2009

University e-mail honchos insist on basing my e-mail address on “Robert,” although everyone calls me “Bob.” As a result, “rstepno” versus “bstepno” (or even “rbstepno”) versus just “stepno” or just “bob” can get confusing. Since my students will be using blogs as well as e-mail, and as the WordPress organization doesn’t seem to mind, I’ve created blogs under the three main variations, with a “Rosetta Stone” link list here: is this one was started as “bob’s classroom demonstrations” is where I began experimenting with images and templates is a WordPress blog now, but was started with a different service; the tech experts at Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society were able to move all of the content from the old service to the new one. Pretty cool!

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