Walter Rugaber speaking at RU Comm Week 2010 Walter S. Rugaber, former publisher, The Roanoke Times; president, Landmark Publishing Group [photo by Bob Stepno]

Think “page design” instead of “blogging” when you use WordPress on your static-page site. Choose a WordPress theme based on your own design ideas — if you want one column without sidebars or widgets, or modifiable header images, for example, browse the WordPress information and tips for useful lists and demonstrations.

You can do a lot within the constraints of WordPress themes and templates, even if you don’t modify the theme’s CSS or PHP layout codes (which is not possible on most free-hosting sites). Some WordPress theme designs — especially the kind you pay extra for — include separate page templates for special-purpose pages, from slideshows and image galleries to portfolio displays.

This page is a demo of combining WordPress with a technique for using inline CSS styles to embed a floated boxed photo with caption and font changes. The insert-image dialogue in newer versions of WordPress has a “caption” tag that does something similar, but embedding your own CSS may give you more control. Experiment!

I originally developed this technique for use with a Drupal site that didn’t give me access to page-level CSS. The technique is also handy on sites, which only allow users to modify CSS styling of page templates for an extra fee.

WordPress put this right-aligned “pullquote” here

I use this page to test the CSS technique and WordPress specialties, such as the pullquote textbox on the right, to see if they work with new or old themes, or whether the mouse-hover “tooltip” title information appears or doesn’t appear with all browsers. Because the image box is floating to the right, these later paragraphs wrap underneath the photo and caption. However, some of these features may vary between browsers and devices — WordPress switches to special stylesheets for mobile devices or iPads. Stop by a Droid or iPhone store for comparisons!

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